Railroad Letter Preparation


We are used to quickly processing important letters – just provide our team the address, description of the content (verbatim or email us a draft), the manager that needs to sign the letter, let us know the method mailing you require (do you need signature receipt).  The draft letter will be quickly compiled and a rough draft will be emailed to you for your review.  Once it’s approved, it’s on its way.  Simple.

CAS-letter-preparation-railroad-industry-transcribe-transcription-legalA typical letter request we receive would be what we refer as a “charge letter” to schedule an investigation for an alleged rules violation.   This letter is sent to the originator of the letter, the charged employee, their union representative, and possibly other individuals that are being called as witnesses at the hearing.

Timelines are critical with all union agreements.  Typically there is a defined time constraint on when a letter is to be “postmarked” and how soon the hearing must be held.

CAS-letter-preparation-mail-carrier-railroad-industry-transcribe-transcription-legalOften our railroads provide our team with specific letter templates for regular use.  These letters may require various inserts or forms that must be included with these letters.  On an as needed basis the managers can email or call in the letter requests with the assurance no FRA timelines or union agreement timelines will be missed.

In addition to disciplinary related letters, we also have a separate Medical Letter Team that is responsible for preparing medically related letters.  This may include letters such as Medical Leave of Absence verification letters, Leave of Absence Extension letters, FMLA Leave letters, or Return to Work letters.  These requests for letters may be initiated by a phone call or an email to our team.

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