Railroad Administrative Services

Our Administrative services include:

  • Superior Client Service
  • Railroad Letter Preparation
  • Scanning Documents
  • Document Retrieval
  • Database Creation and Update
  • Railroad Hearing Transcripts
  • Railroad Hearing Distribution
  • Railroad Transcription of Claims / Interrogations / Interviews
  • Railroad Transcription of Dispatcher Tapes / Phone Conversations


Superior Client Service

Our team members are at your disposal during traditional working hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 5:15 pm. You will never get an answering machine or automated instructions (I’m sure you have had those experiences, for example… Touch 1 for Inquiries, Touch 2 for Sales, etc.). Our team is here for your managers and you will always speak to a person on the other end of the line during working hours. We have worked in the railroad industry over 20 years and we understand the many pressures and job demands that your MYO, MOP’s, DRO’s, etc., experience and we’re here to assist them any way we can!  When your railroad manager works with our team, it’s like having a full-time staff on a daily basis.  Our team begins to recognize who is calling them by their Caller ID.  They know if a request is critical or urgent by just the sound of their voice.  Our Team Coordinators know that the manager is depending upon them to perform and meet their needs, regardless of the deadline.

Railroad Letter Preparation

For a detailed description, visit our Railroad Letter Preparation page.


Scanning Documents

At the conclusion of everyday all letters and/or documents mailed for your railroad will be scanned, along with proof of mailing receipts, named appropriately and emailed or uploaded to those you have designated.  This is your manager’s proof (US Return Receipt of Mailing or United Parcel Service receipts).  These letters and proof of mailing are essential evidence when managers are preparing evidence to support their position when charging an employee with rule violations.

Document Retrieval

Often we find that the manager may not be able to find the email our team sent them.  No worries!  Since our team prepared these important letters for you, managers call us or just email us and request these copies prior to the scheduled investigations.  We will be glad to research the postal receipts or UPS employee signatures for proof of receipts.


Database Creation and Update

Our team is highly trained in the creation of databases your company may require.  For example, maybe you require a list of all Medical Leaves authorized by a specific manager in the past six months for a specific employee or possibly you want a method to double check what disciplinary letters were prepared from the Rule Book pertaining to “Failure to Comply” (Rule 1.13).  Our team is available to create and maintain those databases for you on a regular basis.  We are here to provide any administrative services your railroad requires to carry out your business successfully.

Railroad Hearing Transcripts

For a detailed description, visit our Railroad Transcription Services page.


Railroad Hearing Distribution

CAS Associates provides your railroad with “full service” transcript distribution, too!  Regardless of what process your railroad utilizes to distribute the finalized transcript and exhibits, our team can develop a seamless process to ensure you never miss a union timeline.  Currently we have trained and implemented a process that authorizes our team to prepare discipline assessment letters under the direction of decision makers.  These letters and hearings are either emailed or sent via Certified Mail to employees charged, their union representatives (Local Chairmen and General Chairmen), the hearing managers and decision makers.

Because of the high volume of transcripts received daily we have developed processes to assemble hearings, verify exhibit pages and quantities required for mailing (designed specifically for your railroad).

Our team watches your union agreement timelines just like you do!  We work with managers and decision makers to remind them in advance of transcripts that need to be read, reviewed and assessed discipline.

Of course, if your railroad prefers we can simply email you the finalized transcript for your copy room and mailroom to handle distribution.

Railroad Transcription of Claims / Interrogations / Interviews:

We provide accurate transcripts of the industrial interviews, interrogations, and fact finding that may be conducted internally.   Again these are digital technology or via audio tapes sent directly to us.  Our team completes these in a timely manner and these are distributed electronically or mailed out as directed.


Railroad Transcription of Dispatcher Tapes / Phone Conversations:

Often recordings of dispatcher tapes or phone conversations are required for evaluation and/or for investigative purposes.  Our transcript team is familiar with the difficulty of these recordings due to poor quality.  Occasionally we will request some assistance from a manager for interpretation but we will gladly work to make these as accurate as possible.


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